Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

What is Mardi Gras

In everyday use also known as fat Tuesday to many, this is a term usually as a term for celebration. It’s of religious origin, and signifies the last day of lent. This day when you are able for the last night eat rich and full, to satisfaction before a fast begins.

Of course it is not our intention to communicate this as a metaphor for a wedded life, it’s simple something which is of great religious significant if you are a practitioner, and at the same time it’s a great time for celebration. If you are landed on our page here, you will be of some Christian disposition after all, since getting married is of that sort. Today perhaps we are further from tradition, and it’s more of an ideal which has become interwoven with customs and culture today.

For us it doesn’t matter where you are from, or what type of religion you are part of, here we are, in line with Mardi Gras, of the celebratory kind, and one of the most Samaritan things one can do in our eyes is to ensure that your wedding is not a complete self-indulgence and presentation by also ensuring that part of what goes on is dedicated to a greater cause.

Selling the beautiful wedding dresses of such most paramount days of a woman’s life for the benefit of a charity is something that many have chosen to do in the past and which we hope that many will choose to do in the time to come.

Warm hearted contributions is what it’s all about, and on a day which is completely significant of that heart, that warmth, that love and pledge to share a life together is indeed something which goes well in line with helping someone who has not been as lucky as you may have been in the lottery draw of life.