Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Sponsor someone though one of the major events in your life

The suggestion may be new to you, however the wonderful idea is spreading and making your wedding day, not only a major event in the narrative of your life, but something which also makes a major difference to the life of someone in need. The team here are happy to see this idea take shape in the minds of many who are feeling just how fortunate and lucky they are when faced with news of disasters and human crisis which occur across the globe today. On a day which is dedicated to the honour of love, there is a distinct need to remember our compassion, and giving some of your time and efforts for the benefit of someone who needs it can be a great and rewarding experience.

Most commonly there is not much effort involved relative to the giant task of planning a wedding day, all you need to do is make the decision on what charity, organisation or good cause you would like to share your big day with. Simply by making your mind up on who you want to help, the pieces of how you will do so will fall in place naturally. For instance, if you are now getting hitched with your long term lover, and you already have all the items which a home together requires, then you can choose to instead ask for a charitable donation for your good cause. If the situation is that you would like to look stunning with a beautiful wedding dress but is hesitant to getting one due to the fact that you will only wear it one time, then you can do as many here have done before you and sell it after its purpose has been fulfilled for you, letting the profit go to charity.

Current online Events

At the current, as far as physical events go, we are not under way planning anything. However there will be ample effort placed in the promotion for new brides to be to become aware of the great opportunity they have to sponsor a charity though making it a part of their wedding day.

Here we understand just how great the importance of that day is in the story of oneself, and many girls dream of their wedding day from an early age, hitching the perfect Mr Prince Charming. And if you give it some thought, if you are about to get married, then you are one of the lucky few who have found your dream. In a world where people are becoming more separated, although the population is more dense, it’s harder and harder to meet people.

Perhaps we are overwhelmed by choice, or scared of rejection. Regardless, if you are indeed one of the lucky ones, then it’s a good idea not to forget it. And when in mind, you find that place of appreciation, gratefulness, love for your spouse and love for life, you may also find it in you to share. In line with such ideals is what we are here, and if you stay tuned you will find more great tips upcoming.

With new starts, we here are taking matters into our own hands, and will work hard as well as do our outmost to get the message across, simply we are lucky, and by knowing it, we can also become warmer and more compassionate creatures. Walking this road will not only help oneself to find peace in life, but it will help keep a peaceful long living marriage.