Collections on your special day

What the team here have thought about and would like to bring you today, are some tips on how to approach such an honourable and valiant endeavour. Firstly of course every wedding is different, like every person, every couple and every wedding dress. How you choose to approach a donations collection on your special day is just like all other things completely up to you. However, if you are in search of motivation please read on.

If you are in the position to invite a large number of people to your ceremonial day, you may want to consider instead of asking or expecting a wedding gift, you could ask for a donation for a charity organisation who works hard, which you support. There is a general tendency for wedding gifts to be a matter of duplicates and things unrequired either way, and instead making the funds that would have otherwise been spent in vain count is worthwhile. Especially for the organisation and the people affected by the charity you choose to help.

From starvation, to natural disasters, disease, and even medical support close to home, there are a vast number of charities in need of support from other humanitarians, and your contribution will not go unnoticed.

Many weddings are arranged so that the guests do not have to bring any extra money with them, and instead of having a cash collection box present, it’s a good idea to have a pledge box instead. Decoration in line with the rest of the theme of your event is a preference as it makes it a seamless part of your great day. If you need additional information and ideas please keep tuned, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at any time.

And here is a very special video to give you some inspiration

Some tips to get your guests to open their hearts

On your great day if you have chosen to do something amazing, by having a collection for some sort of charity, the team here would like to help you with some tips on how to make it both presentable, encouraging and of course discreet as to not take too much attention away from the main event of the day.

Firstly, we would like to bring your attention to the method of how you set this up, it would be a good idea to be well prepared and have decided on the charity and your reasons to support this particular one. What is commonly done, which is something that we also recommend highly.

Is to send out a little letter with a concise explanation of your charity, your reasons and how it will work.

Perhaps you will have a physical box at the wedding, where people can pledge an amount which can be collected at a later point. The use and presence of a pen and paper on a wedding day is much more inviting than having money in view.

Many great couples have collected considerable amounts, which has made great difference to a many people in need. We are highly respecting of your choice to also engage with your charity of choice, and hope that this little tip have helped you on your way to making your wedding day donations as successful as possible. Regardless of what point of view you see things from.

If you have any suggestions which you think should be added here please don’t contain any hesitation, get in touch with us now. Sending us a message is easy and we’ll aim to get back to you as quickly as we can. We wish you and your spouse a happy and long lasting future full of kindness and compassion.