Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos

What is the day of the dead?

Dia De Los Muertos as it’s called in Spanish, is originally a holiday from Mexico. Where they in the south and central parts still hold celebrations today. The holiday runs over several days, and is much like Christian traditions in that during these times families gather. However, as the name suggests there is also a presence of the dead. Prayers are offered to family and friends who have passed away, and this is to ensure that whilst on their spiritual journey in the afterlife they find the courage and guidance they need to carry on.

Often during the celebration private altars are built in which one sacrifices food and items which may be of use to the spiritually journeying person. It’s common to offer their favourite food and gifts. At the arrival of Christianity these traditions were rejected by the church however continued to live on as a part of the culture and people. Today there are many celebrations around remembering those who have passed away, and they come in forms of carnivals, parades and other festivities.

There is of course a whole world of things to be read, learnt and experienced in conjunction with such celebrations, and it’s a recommendation to visit one of the countries which holds such traditions at a time of which the celebrations of that tradition is carried out. If you have any questions for any of our team here get in touch any time using the contact page, and if you have any suggestions we are always happy to receive your feedback.

Presenting also a version here in video on how the celebration can take place in a modern way in California.